Five winter pests to watch out for


In the South Carolina lowcountry, a true winter rarely comes (except for this past January; holy snow and ice!). But it doesn’t take a huge temperature drop for winter pests to become a nuisance.   Termites Yes, you read that right. People normally associate termites and termite swarms with warmer weather, but did you know […]

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Why are cockroaches so hard to kill?

Nobody wants to turn on a light in their home to find a brown bug scurry across the floor. In the Lowcountry, it happens all the time. You may not want to hear it, but there are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches on the planet! The good news: only 30 species have adapted to […]

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Earwigs and Silverfish: What’s True?

Earwigs and silverfish are common household pests with flat-bodies that like to feed when you are sleeping. Earwigs are a medium-sized insect, brown or black in color–some with stripes or reddish coloring on their head and limbs–and have pincher-looking forceps used as defense mechanism. Silverfish are also a medium-sized insect, gray or silver in color, […]

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